• American Horror Story

    Probably my favorite AHS season since I love witchy things. So, I thought it would fit to pair with this week’s post. Enjoy.

  • A Witch’s Prelude

    *The following is a pre-writing exercise for my current writing project. Jaycie is the antagonist and here is a look inside her head on where her anger comes from*             I remember the first day I saw Nadine. It was my third day of final school and she was in the graduating class, four years…

  • Never too Early for Halloween

    I’m always thinking about Halloween, and of course Hocus Pocus. And since my Thursday post will be a little witchy snippet from my current writing project, I thought this would be a fitting Tuesday post to pair with it.

  • A Cursed Witch Pt. 3

             Johnathon Sharp straightened his tie and rechecked the story on the teleprompter. He hated having to deliver bad news on Monday mornings. Monday’s were bad enough on their own. But it was still there, waiting for him to read when the light turned green.          “You ready?” the cameraman asked as he stepped out…

  • Hocus Pocus

  • A Cursed Witch pt 2

             Eris lay spread-eagled on the stone in front of the cave entrance and bathed in the moonlight. The rays danced upon her skin and gave her renewed strength and energy. A shadow of a smile spread across her face, and it grew as she listened to the sounds of agony in the cave behind…

  • Blair Witch