• An Ode to Audiobooks

      Dear Audiobooks,   Without you in my life, I don’t know where I would be. Reading in print takes so much time and devoted energy that I just never have anymore. But then I found you, sweet audio, and my life has changed forever. Once I was able to devour multiple paperbacks and hardbacks…

  • A Cursed Witch Pt. 3

             Johnathon Sharp straightened his tie and rechecked the story on the teleprompter. He hated having to deliver bad news on Monday mornings. Monday’s were bad enough on their own. But it was still there, waiting for him to read when the light turned green.          “You ready?” the cameraman asked as he stepped out…

  • A Cursed Witch pt 2

             Eris lay spread-eagled on the stone in front of the cave entrance and bathed in the moonlight. The rays danced upon her skin and gave her renewed strength and energy. A shadow of a smile spread across her face, and it grew as she listened to the sounds of agony in the cave behind…

  • A Cursed Witch pt 1

    ** In the spirit of Halloween, this post and the next two week’s will be a new short story called A Cursed Witch. Hope you enjoy it!**          News anchor Johnathon Sharp straightened out his blank pieces of paper on the desk and looked up at camera one with his picture-perfect grin as the light…

  • Tarot Card Prompt #2

    I drew these five random cards and used their meanings to come up with a story. Come back Thursday to check it out 😁

  • Tarot Card Prompt

  • My Writing Space

    Here’s one half of my writing area This week my blog post is about my creative process so I thought you might be interested to see where the “magic” happens

  • Ghost Stories #5 part 2

    Summer           It was 4th of July before anything else happened. Angie was with her grandparents and Linda and Shawn decided to throw a little party with a few friends. They spent majority of the evening in the backyard. They drank, they laughed, they enjoyed the fireworks from the park down the road. All in…

  • Ghost Story #3

                    “Where are we?” Mary asked. She peered out the window, but it was too dark to see anything. When Jack didn’t answer, she smacked his arm. “Are we lost?”                 “No.” Jack squinted and leaned over the steering wheel.                 “Then what’s this street called?” He said nothing. “Jack! What the hell?” She pulled…

  • #Amreading


    Tune in this Thursday to find out about my August reads! (And you can find these socks on Amazon!)