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Story Cube #3

Story Cubes: Circus tent, gears, beaker with liquid, jewel necklace, stressed face, exclamatory star, monkey, mountain cave entrance, and glasses.   “Bring the table over here,” Mademoiselle Fiona said. She pointed to the dimly lit corner of the tent and then grabbed… Read More »Story Cube #3

Story Cube #2

“Everyone clear on the plan?” Dad asked.  “Yup,” Mom said and I nodded.   “Okay, let’s get set. See you both at the boat.” Dad gave us each a hug and a kiss before he ducked under the flap of our… Read More »Story Cube #2

Story Cubes #1

“Damnit,” Jerry muttered and slapped the steering wheel. The car sputtered and then came to a stop.   “I told you -”  “Shut up.” Jerry said.  “We should have gotten gas at that last station.”  “And I said shut up!”  I… Read More »Story Cubes #1

Story Cubes

Recently I acquired these lovely dice. I’ve decided to incorporate them into my writing prompt posts. Come back Thursday to see what I made with these images.

About Me?

                I’ve been spending time trying to revamp my website. All the changes are saved as a draft at the moment because I want to launch them all together. I think I’ve done a pretty good job and it’s almost… Read More »About Me?

DIY MFA Book Prompt

Use Description to Reflect Emotion *Describe the way a character sees a room. Three separate occasions with the character in different states of mind. The mood influences how they see the room* -The room: The Kitchen- Mood 1: Being chased… Read More »DIY MFA Book Prompt