Texas and its Monsters

I could stay up all night researching ghost stories. The idea of a monster wreaking havoc thrills me. And the closer to my house, the better. My friends in high school used to go out to a cemetery just to see what they could see. It was considered a favorite pass time. But that might have something to do with the small, boring town we lived it.

In my web searches, I found an article with stories of local (ish) monsters, shared on the Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth blog. I’ve included my favorite one below, but if you’d like to read all the stories, click here.


Texan folklore also has its share of legendary creatures, with the Lake Worth Monster (a.k.a. Goatman) coming in at the top of the list. Often described as part-man, part-goat, with long, clawed fingers and scales, the Lake Worth Monster is so notorious that the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge (where the creature is said to live) has held a Lake Worth Monster Bash each October since 2009.

Initial sightings occurred at Lake Worth in July 1969. At the time, newspapers published alleged sightings, including one in which the monster threw a car tire at a group of people. Another incident involved the creature jumping out of a tree and landing on a man’s car.

Newspapers also published a photograph taken by Allen Plaster of the purported creature. Plaster described the monster in his photo as a man-sized “white furball,” however, which contradicted other descriptions. He later said the sighting was likely a prank. In fact, over the years, numerous incidents involving high school students have been reported as suspected pranks. Regardless, the Lake Worth Monster has remained a prominent figure in cryptozoology and local popular culture.


What are some of your favorite monster stories where you’re from?

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