The Adventures of Bob the Beetle

“It sounded like a bird was falling through the tree,” Codie described when they first came across the beetle that will later be known as Bob.


Two of my friends brought over a tupperware container one day that was the new home to a massive beetle and a scorpion. Both of which they’d found at their house way out in the middle of nowhere. For the first several hours they seemed to live harmoniously.

So we added a small spider into the mix that we caught in our garage. They still seemed to be all okay with each other, hanging out in seperate corners. However, after some time the spider seemed to get a little antsy (ha) and went to antagonize the scorpion. This would be the end of the spiders life in one quick snap.

The beetle, who we have now started calling Bob, seemed to become aware of the danger he might be in if the scorpion were to turn on him. What comes next we can only assume was a way for him to protect himself from the enemy. Bob takes a poop. In the water dish.

The next morning we find the scorpion unresponsive. Either he drank the contaminated water, or drown in it (because the dish had been dumped over and the scorpion was in the puddle.) Bob is the only remaining inhabitant of the tupperware container.

A few days go by and Bob seems to be doing alright by himself. scoHe’s figured out he can crawl upside down on the lid. But his massive body size makes him fall and end up struggling on his back.

Sunday afternoon we come across a bigger spider in the backyard. We add a scoop of dirt and leaves to keep Bob happy, then introduce the spider to the habitat. Bob immediatly burrows into the dirt and seems to be so happy now. The spider, who we start calling Peter Parker, builds his web in the opposite corner and is content to hang out (hehe).

Over the course of the day, we add some other little bugs we find in the yard and they seem to keep the spider occupied. We haven’t seen Bob in awhile. He’s loving his dirt pile.

The next morning we find the corner of the tupperware container opened and no one is left in the habitat. We can only assume that Bob used the dirt to prop himself up and use his size to push the lid off.

We would like to think the story ended like this;

Bob: I’ll help you get out of here if you don’t eat me like you did that little green bug.

Peter Parker: Deal.

*Bob pushes lid open. They crawl out.*

Bob: Wanna go for a ride? I’m an excellent pilot (Flashback to falling through a tree)

Peter Parker: Let’s do it.

*Bob grabs Peter Parker with his legs and takes off to fly around the garage*

Bob and Peter Parker: Best Friends For Life!!

The end.