The Beach

*Write about the beach: your favorite memory of a trip, what you love, what you hate. Would you live on the coast if you could, or is it better just for a visit?*


A couple of years ago, my sister and I took a vacation to South Padre Island. It was a thirteen-hour drive and by the end of it, I was wishing I could teleport. We arrived in the evening and checked into our condo. It was beautiful and spacious and right across the street from the ocean. We had a beautiful view of the ocean. It was late and dark, but we went over to the beach anyway for the first feel of the sand between our toes.

We took a trip to the little grocery store to get some essentials and snacks for the night since most of the restaurants were closed already. Once back in the condo, we realized too late that the kitchen did not have a can opener, and the store was now also closed. I stabbed the can of raviolis into submission, and so ends our first night.



We were there for a week. We spent every morning laying on the beach or playing in the water. We took afternoon naps after washing off all the sand. We went out to eat at some fantastic restaurants at night. We went out on a boat to watch dolphins, took a trip out into the gulf on a speedboat, and saw a massive tortoise walking around an aquarium. We stopped by all the souvenir shops to pick up mementos for ourselves and others back home.



I loved everything about the trip. The worst part was that we had to leave.