The Birds Aren’t Real Out Now

I’m so happy with this book. I know hating my work is a solid part of imposter syndrome, and I’ve pushed through it to release every book so far. But this one, I didn’t hate as much on the final read through. Haha.


Tessa has spent her entire life wanting a strong role model. Her father was worthless and left when she was a teen. Her mother suffered dementia from a young age. Her two older siblings left her to fend for herself. The only one left for her to depend on is her favorite cousin, Sylvia, but she lives in Washington. So, the only logical next step was to also move to Washington.

But when Tessa arrives, she can’t find Sylvia. No one can. She’s been missing for three weeks and no one knows where to look. Tessa takes it one day at a time, settling into her new job and new apartment, waiting for any word from her cousin.

When Sylvia returns out of the blue, something isn’t quite right with her. But she isn’t talking about what happened and Tessa decides she’s the only one that will try to find the answers. She stumbles upon a lot of similar missing people’s stories and maybe the answers aren’t so straightforward. The danger sets in when she keeps asking questions. But as along as she doesn’t draw attention to herself, it should be fine, right?


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