The Man she Loved

There was a man she loved with a violent love and she spent much of her time thinking about his wife. His wife with the perfect pouty lips and long flowing hair. His beautiful wife who smiled easily but turned up her nose just enough to make you feel beneath her. His wife…

An accident involving yard tools put her in the emergency room. She’d lost her finger.

“Don’t mess with things if you don’t know how to use them. Or ask for help,” he told her, holding her good hand to comfort her.

His wife, Sherry, made a blubbering excuse while the doctor bandaged her hand. “ I wasn’t even near the saw! I don’t understand what happened!”

He just shook his head.

The man she loved left his wife at home one day to run some errands in town. Sherry decided to sun bathe in the yard. Just as she’d finished setting up her chair and table, a storm blew in out of nowhere and it began to downpour. Sherry tried to hurry back into the house, but a bolt of lightening struck the top of the shed and she collapsed to the ground in fear.

The man she loved found her crying by the back door when he arrived home. “What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you check the weather?”

“It was supposed to be clear!” She sobbed into his shoulder.

He set her on her own feet and clicked his tongue in disapproval as he put his umbrella away in the closet.

A rabbit jumped in front of Sherry’s car and she swerved into a ditch, slamming into a tree. In the emergency room, he didn’t even look surprised as the doctor set the cast on her wrist.

“You need to pay more attention. Were you on your phone again?”

Sherry had no excuses.

Sherry fell off the boat on 4th of July and nearly drowned.

“What were you doing next to the edge without a life jacket?”

But she knew how to swim, she thought to herself as she shivered in the towel.

Sherry had had enough one day. She’d never been so accident prone before she married him. She began to experience terrible anxiety while performing even the most basic tasks. She had to get away. He told her to be careful and watched her drive away.

The man she loved turned his back on Sherry and didn’t see her round the corner. Sherry put her foot down hard on the pedal and drove as fast as she could into the train at the next intersection.

Why would she do such a thing?

The witch smiled at the man she loved as he sobbed into her arms. Now he would be all hers at last.