The Monsters in the Attic

Step 1: Describe your least favorite room in your childhood home.

“The Bee Room”

One summer, the unused basement room was infested with bees. There was a small hole in the wall and they infiltrated. No one went in there, but you could hear the buzzing if you stood by the door.

I was terrified of bees.



Step 2: Realize there wasn’t must description. It was all about why you didn’t like the room. Rewrite to bring the room into view for the reader.

“The Bee Room”

One of the bedrooms in the basement was mostly used for storage. There was an old couch pushed up against one wall, a seldom used bench press near the door, and Christmas decorations stacked by the closet. Worst of all though, was the infestation of bees. A small hole in the wall had allowed them to infiltrate. If you stood outside the door, you could hear them buzzing around.

She was terrified of bees.