Thoughts on Dune

So I went to see the movie this weekend. And… I’m unsure on how I feel about it.

On one hand, I enjoyed it. I did like seeing the action on the screen and putting faces to all the names.

But… I have a few complaints on the production side. Some of the sound effects were way too loud compared to the dialogue. Which is a little frustrating since the dialogue matters so much to explain what’s going on. And once or twice, the explosions and music (and all the bagpipes?) were too much, and I almost needed to step outside.

And then I also had a few complaints on the story side. Because my boyfriend went with me, I have the perspective of an outsider watching the movie. He was really confused about what was going on most of the movie. I had to explain a lot of the finer details to him on the way home. I thought the movie made sense, but I’ve read the book. So, I don’t know if they did a good enough job to hook general movie goers. Maybe more stuff will be explained in part two for the outsiders, but I don’t have high hopes..

I personally liked the movie. But I’m worried about the longevity of the series coming to the big screen if they can’t explain the story to people who didn’t and won’t read the book. Because, let’s be honest, the book isn’t an easy read. Personally, I had to read the first chapter twice before I got it and was able to get in to the story.

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