Unblock your Novel 4

It is my ultimate belief that writer’s block happens when you don’t give yourself the time and space to write. Even if you only plan for one day a week and there’s only fifteen free minutes on that day, you can put in a little effort and get some words out. 

This brings me to my next writer’s block tip – routine and consistency. 

If all you do is talk about wanting to write, or think about how you wish you had time to write, or daydream about being about to write… hate to break it to you, but you’re never going to get any writing done. When I first got back into writing, I made it a routine. And I sincerely believe that if I hadn’t put it in my planner for every Thursday morning to write for an hour, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I didn’t always work on my book. I didn’t always work on a blog post. Sometimes I wrote aimlessly on a topic or dumped out my thoughts. But I was showing up for my work and putting in effort. This told my creative muscle that it had a place in my life. 

So, if you’re finding it hard to get words out, make sure it’s on your schedule. Writing an hour every week will produce a book. Writing fifteen minutes a week will produce a book. You don’t have to write for hours every single day to call yourself a writer. But make time for it. 

You can journal, answer a writing prompt, or work on something more specific. But every time you show up for your writing, the writing will show up for you.