When the Rains Came part 1

A sketch from 12 year old me

And then the rains came. They came down from the hills and up from the sound. And it rained a sickness. And it rained a fear. And it rained an odor. And it rained a murder… Soaking. Spreading. Penetrating. And it rained an omen. And it rained a poison.”
– Tom Robbins

Annie was leaning against the door frame as the storm rolled in. The storm sirens had been going off, but everyone knew you had to check the skies yourself to be sure. The wind had changed, blowing cool air across her face and the sky had that green hue; but still she waited.
The power went out and she glanced over her shoulder into the dark house. A slam from the house next door turned her attention back around and she watched the neighbors hurry down their porch steps and across the yard to their storm shelter. The father stopped to wait for his family to pass him into the door and saw her standing there.
“Take cover!” he yelled, but the sound was whipped around on the air and Annie could only make out the words from watching his lips. She gave him a nod and a thumbs up; but still she waited.
The man gave her one last worried look before slamming the door behind him.
Annie began to walk across her yard to her own storm shelter; still watching the sky.
And there it was – the reason her neighbors had been so panicked – coming across the field was a funneling cloud off doom. The dirt and dust flying up from the ground held Annie mesmerized; she’d never been this close to one before. It was so beautiful in all of its destruction.
The rain was coming with it. Annie was brought back to the seriousness of the situation as stinging cold drops hit her skin. Adrenaline pumping, she ran the rest of the way to the shelter door and climbed down the first few steps.
But she had to see it one more time. Had to behold all of its glory. As she looked back though, too much debris was blocking her vision. It was too close now. Annie began to pull the door closed, using all her strength against the wind.
A scream cut through the noise of the storm as Annie got the door shut at last. Latching it, she tried to shake of the terrible feeling that last sound had given her. As the hail began to slam into the door, she had to accept that there was nothing she could do to help them.
Take cover indeed, this one was going to be hell.

Tornado Alley Post
The F4 that Rocked the Town

Last night’s storm brought death and devastation to an area that hasn’t seen a tornado in twenty years. Neighborhoods were leveled and the downtown area was partially destroyed. The most notable building to take a hit was the local rock music venue, Drink Up.
Along with the winds, came the rain. And not just ordinary rain, no. Last night we experienced some kind of acid rain. Experts are still out on the official word.
Death toll from last night’s storm stands at sixty three.