When the Rains Came Part 13

The remaining believers stood under an awning as the rain continued to fall from the sky. They’d just left the memorial service for Tim and Chyanne. Their cars were across the lot and no one was feeling brave enough to venture out quite yet.

“The storms haven’t stopped for days. How are we going to hit it again?” Stephen broke the silence.

“There haven’t been any freak accidents though. Or tornadoes,” Ryan said.

“And no one new has been reported missing,” Bradley said. “Are we sure it’s still down there?”

“Only one way to find out,” Drew said.

“Team two?” Denny looked around at them.

The six of them nodded, their faces set with grim determination.

That night, Denny was driving through the downpour, team two loaded into the car with him. He strained his eyes to see the road as the wind whipped them back and forth across the street lines. But they made it to the sinkhole only to find it flooded from all the rain.

“Well now what?” Ryan asked, holding tight to his umbrella.

“Anyone have any scuba gear?” Denny asked after a moment, looking down the line at his team.

Two hours later, they were back and the rain was still coming down. Denny and Ryan were suited up. The others were tying ropes to each other and around trees like when they’d first come to scout.

“Okay. We go down as far as we can. We find the tunnel Annie told us about. We set the explosives, and we get out of there,” Denny said, hoisting up his air tank.

“Got it,” Ryan said.

The dove in, ropes tugging tightly at their waists. The water was thick like mud the deeper they went. Denny switched his headlamp on and Ryan followed suit.

Dark cloudy shapes floated through the water around them. They reminded Ryan of jellyfish, but they seemed to be dead. Denny waved a hand and pointed ahead. He’d found the tunnel.

They swam over to the wall, feeling a gentle pull in the water. It drew them closer to the opening of the tunnel and they had to plant their feet against the wall for stability.

Denny unzipped the duffel bag he was carrying and they each grabbed a handful of the small bombs. They pushed them into the muddy walls all around the tunnel until it was surrounded.

Denny gave Ryan a thumbs up and they kicked off to go back to the surface. The remaining team members pulled them out of the water and they retreated to the parking lot.

“Any problems?” Amanda asked as they removed the scuba gear.

“Nope,” Ryan said.

“Detonate when ready,” Denny said.

Amanda wasted no time in smashing the button on her remote.

The ground rumbled and shook. The team watched the explosion force the water out of the sinkhole. It cascaded over the trees and back to the ground.

The rain eased up and a groan was heard from the other side of the trees.

“Did we do it?” Amanda asked.

“Maybe,” Denny said.

“No way to be sure right now. We’d better head back,” Ryan said.


The agony.

He retreats to his other cave. He needs time to recover. They will not beat him.