When the Rains Came Part 2

*Part 1 available if you missed it*

Drew folded the newspaper over to read the last of the article, shaking his head. “But that doesn’t explain the people that weren’t missing until the next day.” He’d heard the frantic calls on his police scanner. People that had been safe during the storm had gone out the next morning to help their neighbors and never returned.

Drew stood and posted the newspaper clipping onto his bulletin board next to various others. His eyes roved over the mass of articles,  missing people posters, and weather reports. His eyes lingered on one picture in particular.

His sister, Nora, had gone missing three years ago in a storm that hadn’t gotten the publicity it deserved. No tornado that night, only “high winds.” And yet her car had been found upside down in the middle of a field. But her body had never turned up. It was like she’d been carried away…

The apartment door opened and brought Drew out of his reverie. His brother, Stephen dropped an empty basket on the floor and unzipped his jacket. His shaggy brown hair was in desperate need of a trim and the rough stubble on his face made him look like he hadn’t slept in days. Maybe weeks.

“It’s done,” he said, collapsing onto the couch and rubbing his face.

Drew pushed his chair away from his desk to face Stephen. “Everyone on the list?”


“Even the ones I added on last night?”

“Yes, even them. They all have their bluebonnets.”

“Good.” Drew relaxed into his chair. “I think I’m gonna hop in the shower. I’m helping with the missing posters later.”

Stephen watched him through his half-closed lids as he stood and started down the hallway.

“You know it’s just a myth, right?”

Drew stopped but didn’t turn around. “What?”

“The bluebonnets…it’s just a myth…”

“Not if it works.” And he went the rest of the way down the hall to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.