When The Rains Came Part 5


That night, Annie stood on the balcony of Trey’s apartment, unable to sleep. She twirled the bluebonnet stem between her fingers as she watched the sky. It was about to rain.

As the first drops fell, Annie retreated back under the awning but stayed outside to watch the storm. Even with the recent disaster she’d gone through, she still enjoyed watching the weather develop. The idea that nature could go crazy gave her a sense of calm.

The wind picked up and some of the rain whipped around under the awning, hitting Annie’s arms and face. It stung in a way she wasn’t used to. Wiping it away, she decided to go back into the apartment after all. But then a bolt of lightning lit up the area and she caught sight of a man standing near the building across from her. He had a cigarette in his hand but was wiping at his face as the rain continued to fall. He seemed to be in pain.

“Trey!” Annie called into the apartment, “Trey, come here!”

The man fell to his knee and the cigarette dropped to the ground. He cried out in pain and the sound carried up to her on the wind.

“Trey!” Annie turned to yell as loud as she could. When she looked back at the man, he was being dragged backward by something she couldn’t see. “Oh my god!”

“What? What is it?” Trey emerged from the hall, rubbing his eyes.

“Quick! Come look!”

Trey came over to her and looked where she was pointing just in time to see the man’s arms disappear into the darkness.

“What the…” Trey shook his head, unsure of what he’d seen. “Call the police.”

As Annie ran for the phone Trey went to the hall closet and pulled out a raincoat. “Where are you going?” She asked as the phone rang.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” the operator asked.

“Um, I just saw my neighbor being dragged away outside. I couldn’t see exactly what happened.”

The operator asked for the address and then reassured Annie that an officer would be there to investigate. Trey was now putting on his shoes near the door.

“Trey, where are you going?” Annie was beginning to feel a little hysterical.

“I’m going to see what happened.”

“What? No! Don’t go out there!”


“Please! The cops are on their way. Just let them handle it!”

Trey studied her face for a long moment before he caved. “Okay, I’ll stay and wait. Come sit down.”

They waiting. And waited. Hours went by and the storm blew itself out. Then the sun came creeping up over the horizon. And at last, a knock on the door.

“Where have you been?” Annie couldn’t contain herself when Trey opened the door to reveal the police officer.

“Annie!” Trey looked back at her in shock. “I’m sorry, sir. We’ve just been waiting all night and she’s a little upset.”

“I understand, and I’m sorry about the delay. We received a lot of calls last night and didn’t seem to have enough people to cover them. But I’d like to ask you a few questions before I go look at the sight.”

“Of course, come in.”


In the murky depths of the Earth, he awakens, seething. A rumble comes from the shadows, and he is ravenous. He makes his way out of the gloom, filled with longing as he begins his work.

                Above the ground, clouds fill the sky. Dark clouds filled with evil beings that will do everything in their power to please their master’s murderous appetite. Thunder rolls and lightning pierces the sky.

                The humans are seeking shelter now from the storm. But one is close. He latches onto their scent and is filled with wrath. He craves the taste of their flesh. Their writhing agony is the only cure to his emptiness.

                As the rain begins to fall, the human is caught. They will bring it to their master. They drag it down, down, down into the lightless cave.

                Thunder shakes the town once more. A scream breaks through the night. Another bolt of lightning streaks across the sky. And then there is nothing more but the wind and the rain.