Writing Life Snapshot

I’ve talked about my process before and my weekly schedule. But it’s a new year and we’re wrapping up the first quarter, so I wanted to reflect on the changes I made and how they’ve been working for me so far.

The biggest adjustment I have made this year is writing every day. In the past, I focused all my writing on one day of the week. It was working okay, but if I had anything to work on besides my current work in progress (like a blog post or short story for medium) I felt overwhelmed and stressed out. Now I write a little bit every day and then a big chunk one day a week. I have been able to get way more done. Shocking, I know, haha. And it also makes me happier to be creative every day.

My other schedule changes moved all big tasks off of Friday. I’ve struggled with getting things done on Fridays and thought it better to not assign a project to that day anymore. And so far, I’ve loved it. I write my batch of words Friday morning and anything else is just bonus. It has made me feel better about my workload and more efficient.

Have you made any changes this year? And are they panning out like you expected?

*My Weekly Schedule*
Monday – Blog posts, Medium short story, any business or marketing tasks
Tuesday – Nonfiction work, editing task, craft research and learning
Wednesday – Work in progress bulk writing day, editing task, craft research and learning
Thursday – Patreon short story, , reading like a writer
Friday – Small work in progress writing day