Planners and Journals

Journal: 60 Day Guided Journaling Pages

Sixty days of guided journaling.
Prompts for morning and evening meditations.
Weekly brain dump pages for planning.
Free write pages in between each for free-writing.

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Yearly Author Planner

Unlock Your Author Success with the Ultimate Yearly Author Planner!

Are you an aspiring or seasoned author looking to level up your writing journey? Look no further! Introducing the Yearly Author Planner, your all-in-one companion designed to help you plan, organize, and achieve your writing goals like never before.

Plan Strategically: Dive into a comprehensive yearly overview that empowers you to set clear intentions, map out milestones, and outline your author journey. With quarterly check-ins, you’ll track your progress and make adjustments for a successful year.

Achieve Monthly Goals: Set and conquer your monthly author goals using our intuitive and actionable trackers. Watch your productivity soar as you stay laser-focused on your writing, marketing, and self-publishing targets.

Tackle Your Weekly Tasks: With 52 weeks of dedicated pages, you’ll have ample space to break down your weekly tasks, to-dos, and creative sparks. Stay on track with your writing routine, engage with readers, and nurture your author brand.

Master Book Launches: Navigate book launches with confidence using our four launch timelines. From pre-launch preparations to post-launch strategies, you have space to map out a timeline to skyrocket your book’s success.

Whether you’re a novelist, memoirist, or non-fiction wordsmith, the Yearly Author Planner is your essential tool for planning, tracking, and succeeding in your author career. Designed by authors, for authors, this planner is your roadmap to writing success.

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