Sleepy Saturday

A Great Movie

A gory, crazy, graphic movie. I love the characters and the dialogue and how it progresses. One of my all-time favorite movies.

Peculiar Children

I wonder if this is worth the watch. I’ve heard it strays from the book a lot. What are your thoughts?

Woe is Me pt 2

Haha, when I titled the post the other day, I knew I was going to share one of their songs today. I enjoy this one. Has some good emotion.

Gym Workout

Found this playlist through tiktok two years ago and have used it during my workouts ever since. Enjoy!

Roll the Credits

As I’ve mentioned before, I create playlists for each new book project I work on. For my next release, The Birds Aren’t Real, I picked this song among many. In my mind, this song would play when the movie credits… Read More »Roll the Credits