A Forever Home (Newsletter)

a notepad with a pen on top of it

I wish I had a Forever Home

So, we moved into a new rent house last year. It’s a really great house. And I really thought we’d be here for a few years. But because of circumstances out of our control, we’ll be moving again this year.  Moving is literally my least favorite thing. Packing. Unpacking. Trips back and forth in the car or truck. Back and forth into the house and into the next one. Playing ultimate tetris with boxes and furniture. And all the cleaning. Because it doesn’t matter how clean you think your house is, you discover a ridiculous mess once all your stuff is out of a room.  I really wish we could buy a house and then we wouldn’t have to play this moving game every few years (or every year, ugh). Landlords who decide to sell the house you’re renting or property companies who raise the rent over $100 or property managers who don’t want to fix things and make the house unbearable to live in… I’m over it. But we’re not in a place to save that kind of money.

Maybe one day.

Fingers crossed for us to get into another nice house in the next few months.

Author Life is a Win Though

It’s kind of crazy how much work I got done last month. I was really hoping I hadn’t put too much on my plate during the planning stages, but it all worked out. I even had my weekends off most of the time. I think it really sets the tone for the months ahead.

Plotting: I outlined my next project. Currently the file is saved as “The One with the Demon.” It was really fun discovering the characters I’ll be spending time with for the next few months and I can’t wait to get the story down.  I also created the table of contents for the next nonfiction book on character creation.

Writing: Began the character book and have written a good little chunk of it so far. I’m skipping around from one spot to another as I write whatever strikes me first. I feel like this is going to be my best nonfiction book yet, since characters are so important to me.  I also had my first writing day for the demon book and it’s given me hope for the story already.

Editing: So much editing going on right now. All Signs Point to Hell 4 has gone through it’s last rounds of editing. The cyber horror is going through deep developmental edits right now and it’s already filling me with such joy at what the final product is going to be. Witch book 3 will be going through the developmental edits this month and witch book 4 is getting its first rewrite.  Like I said, so much editing. But I’ve been getting the work done week after week, so I don’t feel like it’s too much yet.

Launching: I’m hard at work at the launch countdown for All Signs 4. This week I’ll be formatting the book and uploading all the files to get ready for release day. If you haven’t yet, you can still preorder your copy.