It’s been awhile, but I’m back!

Burnout Recovery

So, shortly after my last email I fell off a cliff. I mean, I hit a wall. Or I guess it was burnout. 

But I’ll skip over the emotional turmoil I had to work through and say, hey! I’m back! Sorta. 

I’ve spent the last week reevaluating my work load. I’m a chronic overachiever and I don’t know how to just sit still and do nothing and that has led me to be completely overworked and worn down. And in an attempt to not do that again… I have to take some stuff off my plate. I have to admit to myself and everyone else that I was trying to do too much. There are not enough hours in the day to do all the things I wanted to do. 

And so, I’m gonna do less. Or, I’m going to schedule less anyway. January’s perfect to do lists show that I am capable of doing a lot, but that doesn’t mean I need to always do all the things. If I’m feeling motivated, maybe I’ll do more. But I’m lowering the bar so i don’t feel like crap if I miss the mark. 

On the life side of things – we didn’t end up moving. It was a very stressful three weeks of trying to find a house that fits, then not getting the house we wanted, then having to accept a house we couldnt see inside of until days before we would move in, then to maybe moving further away… and then crying for a minute – I mean, reworking our finances and budgets to figure out a way to stay here. And it worked. And I’m so relieved. Becuase even if I didn’t hate moving, I really like this house and this area. 

Work Summary?

My main accomplish of the last month is getting my toddler to finally write his name (pictured above). He knows his letters and numbers, but it’s been a struggle to get him to sit down and actually hold a marker or crayon or chalk… but he did it! 

I’ve also done a lot of reading over the last two months. That feels like a win. 

I haven’t written anything creatively since the first week of February. ouch, quit reminding me 

Plotting: I think I’m going to try a different story. The demon book has a great premise and I like what I did with the work on it so far, but I don’t think it’s the right time to put my energy into that project. I have a few ideas I’m playing with and I might start working on them this week. But I don’t want to force it. 

Editing: Last month all I managed to do was go over some notes I received from a critique group on the first chapter of the cyber horror. And while most comments were helpful and I have a sort of plan to move forward, there were a few that bugged me. (Like giving me pointers on formatting of all things on a first draft? Come on, that’s not what I’m here for. Just say you don’t have anything to add and move on.) But this was one area I knew I was trying to do too much, so I knew it would be hit the hardest during this time away. 

Launching: I was so out of it this last month and a half I didn’t even send out a launch email. But hey, All Signs Point to Hell Vol. 4 came out on February 29th, so don’t forget to get you a copy. Other than that, I don’t have any hard dates right now. I originally planned on witch book 3 coming out in May, but it’ll probably be more like June or July at this point. But don’t worry, book 3 and 4 will be out this year, if nothing else.