In Spite of it All

A variety of tales about overcoming the fiendish powers at work in the world. 

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When the Rains Came: Annie lost her house to a tornado. Everything else she cherished in life was taken a week later, and she discovers a horrifying truth about Texas. A monster is hunting for human blood. It claims the life of many. But there are those who would stop at nothing to put an end to its reign of terror. 
How I Disappeared: A jealous rage causes life to spin out of control, and Mandy is haunted by her grief and pain. But she presses on and tries to live with her trauma. 
Notus: Extraterrestrial robots arrive on earth and bring war and destruction. Humanity needs to stop them or they’ll lose their planet. Chloe defies a direct order from the Commander to test her new weapon. It could mean the end of the war – or the end of her life. 
Those Who Linger: How hard could it be to clean houses? Kayla wanted to earn some extra cash and working part time with her mom seemed like a perfect idea. But what do you do when something in the house is out for revenge? 
Project Whitehead: In a world where being different will lead to a life of pain and suffering, people hide who they really are. But Bell just wants to be herself. She finds others who feel the same way, and they struggle together to live their lives. Even when the powerful try to eliminate them.