My Books


In Spite of it All

Life can be a struggle. Everyone knows that terrible things happen to good people. Could be physical abuse, could be social prejudice, or it could be a monster hunting for your blood. And yet, we must press on and overcome, in spite of it all.

When the Rains Came: An ancient being destroys anyone who crosses its path with few realizing its existence. But a group of believers will do anything in their power to stop it.

How I Disappeared: In the aftermath of loss and abuse, a young girl struggles to recover while haunted by her past.

Notus: Invaders from another world bring war and destruction. But the human militia won’t back down and allow them to take planet earth.

Those who Linger: Working her first job with her mom at a cleaning company seemed like a great idea. Until she meets an evil spirit out for revenge.

Project Whitehead: Outcasts try to find their way in society and live their lives peacefully, even when the powerful try to eliminate them.