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Have you ever thought about writing a book?
Do you know where you’d start?

For the detail-oriented, a method to organize thoughts and plans and prepare to write a story.
Explaining both in a paper copy version or for the more technologically inclined, follow along to discover a path to plotting.

Broken down by categories, this method is sure to help you create a solid outline for your book and give you the encouragement to get it written.

1. Calendar
2. Title/Pitch/Main idea
3. Timeline/Outline/Setting
4. Characters
5. Research

Until I Wake

Whitney thought starting over in a new place would change her life for the better.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Whitney uproots her life to move from Texas to Oklahoma to be near her best friend again. With her great new job and a cute boy in her life, everything seemed to be on the up and up. She’s even made new friends, something her shyness has never allowed her to do before.

Too soon, tragedy finds her again and her mental illness returns to weigh on her shoulders. She’s battled this before, what could be so different now?

The gun. She can’t stop thinking about the gun.

It’s worse this time, and she refuses to let anyone help. She wants to be the strong one for once. Why can’t she just be strong?

The gun.

Another accident, and another, hitting closer and closer to home. Are they really accidents? What’s going on in this quiet little town?
The stress and her ever-present panic push her beneath the surface.
How many innocents will she drag down with her?

Pick up your copy of Until I Wake to find out.

The monsters from your nightmares are here.

Will you come to play? 

In The Children, a hungry demon attacks a bus full of kids and leaves all witnesses questioning their sanity.

Experiment TCA-276 delves into the possible dreadful outcomes of medical testing. It could cure cancer, or it could turn its test subjects into monsters.

Cursed Witch paints a gruesome picture of what an angry and exiled woman might do with her free night from the mountain.

And five ghost stories to chill you to the bone when you think of what might hang out in your school locker room. Or live in your house with you.  

But don’t forget to leave the light on. 

A variety of tales about fighting the odds and trying to overcome the fiendish powers at work in the world.

When the Rains Came- 
Annie lost her house to a tornado. She later discovers a horrifying truth about Texas.
A monster hunts human blood and claims the life of many. Can Annie and her new friends stop it before it wipes out the town?

How I Disappear-
 A monster can wear many faces – even the one of husband and father.
A jealous rage spins life out of control. Grief and pain haunt Mandy, but will she be able to press on through her trauma?

Those Who Linger- 
How hard could it be to clean houses?
Kayla wanted to earn some extra cash, and a part-time job with her mother seemed like the perfect plan.
But then she finds out they clean more than just the surfaces and the work haunts her dreams. What do you do when something in the house wants revenge?

Extraterrestrial robots invaded long ago and brought with them war and destruction. Humanity is on the brink of being wiped out, but some still choose to fight.
Chloe defies a direct order from the Commander to test her new weapon. Will it be the end of the war? Or the end of her life?

Project Whitehead- 
The power of the elite revolves around their appearance, and they shun anyone without their favored traits.
Bell just wants to be herself, but at what cost? She bands together with others like her, but they’re struggling to get by.
When a self-proclaimed genetic scientist attempts to wipe out the ‘mutation,’ they have to put their lives on the line to stop him.
Elijah is trying to be the best big brother he can be. With mom and dad gone, he’s all Jenna has.
But who plans for kidnapping scientists and world-bending experiments?

Something strange is happening in Sweet Water, and no one wants to be the first one to point fingers. But when Jenna is taken from him, Elijah has to get to the bottom of the town’s weird rumors if he ever wants the chance to see her again. And he has to be smart about it if he wants to survive.

When scientists push the boundaries of our dimension, how will the breech effect a small town? Will Elijah figure out the secret before it’s too late?

He’s never been the one to stick out his neck, but you have to fight for the ones you love. Even against the toughest, and strangest, odds.

Pick up The Sweet Water Affliction to see how it all ends.