2018 Wrap Up

**It’s been a year since I started this blog!**

So many things have happened in 2018.

First off, business wise, I have done pretty well.

  • I’ve been able to keep up with my monthly goals this year almost 100% which is awesome for me.
  • I’ve read 44 of the 50 books I wanted to read this year. (For more details on that, check out my goodreads profile .)
  • I’m getting a better footing in my social media presence. I also joined Scribophile and DIY MFA.
  • My short story collection is almost completely ready to be sent off.
  • I’ve begun a new writing project that I am so excited about.
  • AND I’ve settled back into a routine of day job and this job.

I have so many plans and ideas for the coming year I don’t know how I’ve been able to contain myself. I might need to clone myself to get it all done. But of course that’s not a realistic plan of action, so all I can hope to do is write all the ideas down and tackle them one by one like a normal person.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

But the biggest news from 2018 is *drumroll*


Micro human

I’m due in May. I’m pretty excited and terrified. Biggest change my life has ever undertaken, but I can’t wait to meet this tiny thing and love it as much as I can.

New Years Resolutions 

  1. Keep up with my goals (again)
  2. Submit to literary magazines
  3. Self publish my short story collection
  4. Enter writing contests

** Happy New Year Everyone **