Real Life Shenanigans

A Few Changes

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was thinking about adjusting the way I run this blog. And I think I’ve come up with a few options so far that will work for me. First – I will no… Read More »A Few Changes

Post Surgery

Well, I survived. And I’m feeling pretty okay. The first few days were rough, and I was a little scared, but I’m typing again, and that’s something. The first day, I couldn’t feel anything from the elbow down until right… Read More »Post Surgery

Coming this Fall

I’m a little creatively drained this week. Been getting a lot of regular work done and preparing for carpal tunnel surgery 😫 so my mind has been on other things. But I didn’t want to skip a week and feel… Read More »Coming this Fall

Q2 Wrap Up

Q2 has just wrapped up, and now it’s time to reflect. The second quarter of my learning plan centered on writing, writer’s block, and productivity. I read six great books, watched a bunch of informational videos from the 20book conference,… Read More »Q2 Wrap Up

Woe is Me

Back in January, I worked really hard to redo my website. I transferred over to the .org of WordPress and paid for hosting. I spent hours figuring out which layout and color scheme to use and tried my hardest (and… Read More »Woe is Me

retail and Anxiety

A little different kind of post today. This weekend I experienced a light panic attack and as I talked through it with my partner after the fact, I’ve made a few realizations about myself and what triggers my anxiety. So,… Read More »retail and Anxiety