A Game of Hearts and Heists

This book was such a joy to read. The voice and tone was such a great change of pace to other strictly romance books I’ve read. Because this was definitely much more than just a lesbian romance. This had action, and mystery, and fantasy – and then of course the steamy scenes too. But the entire package was amazing, and that’s why it has to be my favorite read of the month.

My favorite part probably has to be the great cast of characters. The heist team came together beautifully and they complimented each other so well. Even when they were fighting with themselves or with their own emotions. And even though we start the book only knowing about Scarlett and Quinn’s ‘relationship,’ by the end there is a fascinating variety with all the relationships.

I loved the ending’s twist. Quinn’s choice, and her struggle to get to the right one, was a rollercoaster of emotions. And the result of that choice was another punch in the gut.

I laughed, I cried, I blushed – this book had it all. Thrilled to bits to start the second one.