Jenny Calling

Jenny called again today.  I was weeding the garden and heard the phone ringing from the patio. I barely got to it before it was sent to voicemail. But I hesitated when I saw her name on the screen.  I… Read More »Jenny Calling

Mirror, Mirror

1875 “We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen!”  The final shout and at last, the room went silent. The priest rose from his kneeling position and peeked over the edge of the bed. The child’s parents emerged from the… Read More »Mirror, Mirror

Witch Book Day!

Hey, Under the Dark Moon is out now!! And this song was on repeat on my writing soundtrack, so I thought it was only fitting to include it today.

Reads of August

Thirteen delightful reads this last month. I passed up my goal of 100 books for the year and had to shift it to 150. I also marked off a few from my reading challenge and reading list. Let’s get into… Read More »Reads of August