A Horror Setting

The light comes through the heavy cloud cover in a misty haze. We haven’t seen a true sky in months, ever since the eruption. I wonder if we’ll ever feel the warmth from the sun again.

I hear the mist is worse in the mountains, but down here it’s not so bad. We can at least see across the street and down a little ways. But at sea level, the air quality is so bad they’ve had to wear respirators. Not sure why we’re doing okay here in the middle, but I’m not going to question our little bit of good fortune.

We used to have a lush forest around the city, but most trees have withered in the aftermath. Only a few still stand tall with any leaves, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

The lake turned grey with the sky, and oh so cloudy. New jobs formed around water purification since we could no longer pull from the wells. We’ve been warned away from swimming and fishing as well. Not that anyone would have wanted to.