A Sob Story

She huddles on the ground, not uttering a single word. But she covers her face with her hands and won’t even tilt her face in my direction. I know she’s crying, though. Sobbing, really, judging by the constant shake of her shoulders and the tremors racing through her entire body. If I step closer to her, she recoils and I hear a whimper. So, I stop.

Heat flushes through my entire body, and my muscles quiver in anticipation. Doesn’t she understand why this has happened? It could have been avoided if only she would listen…

But then her breath catches in her throat and she shrinks into a smaller ball on the floor. As though she had sensed my sudden flare of anger. And perhaps she did. She’s lived with me long enough… it must be obvious when I get mad.

I want to say something, but I can’t. Nothing I say will make a difference. I realize that I’ve crossed the line. This time, I went too far. I can’t take it back. And she won’t ever look at me the same.