All Signs Point to Hell Vol. 4 Short List

A few weeks ago, I posted the long list of stories to pick from for my next installment of All Signs Point to Hell. This week, I’ll post the short list. I’ve narrowed it down to ten stories. The books are usually seven or eight stories. The imaginary friends stories include multiple scenarios, so it’s technically more than ten. But we’ll see how it pans out.

1. Tip Your Delivery Driver

-In a world of convenience, you never know who’s making the deliveries.

2. A Secret Valentine

-Secret gifts show up on your doorstep and the ominous meaning behind it.

3. A Letter in the Desk

-News of an affair and how it’s handled.

4. Imaginary Friends

-A variety of tales of imaginary friends and the terrors they bring about.

5. Sacred Pass

-A place in the mountains and an impending disaster.

6. He Wears my Face

-A creature picks a victim and slowly becomes them.

7. An Encounter

-The aliens have landed, and they want to take over.

8. Yours Truly

-Letters exchanged about a death on the battlefield and what it might really mean.

9. Shower Time

-Taking a shower alone in the house, and what’s that mysterious dark shadow?

10. Ghost Ship

-(A new post) a large ship is found in the ocean and appears to be empty. When a group of sailors board it to investigate, they find more than they bargained for.

If you haven’t had a chance to read these stories, now is your chance. Once I’ve made my final decision, the stories will be unpublished from Medium so I can include them in my book. Visit my page here to read them.

Also! The first volume is for free until the end of the year. If you haven’t picked up a copy, now is the perfect chance. Visit the book’s sales page here.