Continuing on my journey with this amazing website. I’ve subscribed to the podcast and have been listening to it on my drive to and from work everyday. I’ve also gotten a few more articles in on my reading. So that brings us to…

Progress Report

• What obstacles have you faced over the past year? How did you deal with them? Who was there for you to help you on your way?

My main obstacle this year has just been finding time to work. My personal life was kind of upended for a few months with trying to find a new place to live, packing, and moving. I dealt with it by setting my goals a little lower so that I could still logically meet them with less time. My best friend has been there this whole time to help me through any problems.

• What about your victories? What were they (be specific)? Did you celebrate them (even the small ones) in some meaningful way? Who was there to help you be your best self?

I’ve completed the first draft of my short story collection this year. Two of the four stories are in the final edit stage and one is completely ready. I haven’t really celebrated these accomplishments, but I’ll start. My best friend encourages me to stay on track and work with purpose.

• Did you face any disappointments in the past year? Any people you thought were in your corner but they let you down? Can you think of ways to salvage these relationships? And more importantly, what will you do to nurture yourself and help yourself heal?

Hmm, recently there’s been tension with some people that I hope I’ll be able to work through. But I know deep down I need to take care of me and make sure I’m only surrounded by positive energy.

• Finally, what is the most important thing you learned from your writing experiences this past year? How will you use this knowledge to fuel your writing next year?

I’ve reinforced the fact that the stories aren’t going to write themselves and it’s up to me to make sure the writing is a priority in my life. I will set my goals higher and achieve them, because I know I’m capable of great things.