Forward Movement = Progress

So last week started out okay and then fell flat again. I wrote a short something for Medium and that was it. 

I have an idea for a patreon story I can start. And that might have been the problem there – not having a plan. And I didn’t even open the nonfiction project, so of course I didn’t do anything there. 

On one WIP day I went through my book of knowledge notes and came up with a sort of game plan for a book or series. And I’m a little excited about it. So, we’ll see where that goes. 

But I also want to go back through my short story I wrote as a reader magnet – Farmer John and the Flavor Bomb. I need to make a game plan for it and see what I want to happen with it. I have a simple idea and a very complex idea. I’m not sure which one to pick right now. Probably the simple one, honestly, just because of how I’ve been feeling. I can always revisit it and do the complex option later. 

Also didn’t open witch 3 to work on the edits. I thought about it a little, but still feeling a lack of motivation. But we’ll try again this week. 

Throughout all of this, I forgot that we’d finished Q1. And clearly I tried to do too much. I need to look at my overall plan for the year and see what I can rework so I can still check some boxes. There are plenty of simple things I can accomplish. And the big writing goals, I can adjust. But I had a business task for every week of the year and I’m now several weeks behind on those. Some of them are small and can be done easily, but some won’t be so easy. Especially the ones that require me to have bought formatting software, which I totally didn’t do. So, we’ll see about that too. 

I guess that’s all for now. Gonna go through my plan for the week and see what I can do without feeling overwhelmed.