Happy New Year!

Happy New Year clipart

Say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024.

I know it’s only a day on the calendar and a flipping of a page, but something about the start of a new year gives me so much motivation to get more accomplished. I’ve stopped doing ‘new year resolutions’ so much as just goals. And some people will tell me that’s the same thing, but I disagree. Because “I’m going to get healthy this year” or “stop eating sweets” are just things people say. And if they don’t have a plan, they aren’t going to actually do them. There’s a statistic I’m too lazy to look up right now about how many ‘resolutions’ fail before January even ends. But if you make goals and have a plan to achieve them, you are less likely to fail.

And so, my 2024 goals include
– Work out three times a week
– Take better care of myself by picking from a menu of self-care items every week
– Save $40 every paycheck
– Pay off my debt by the end of the year (I have a plan in my journal, but I’ll spare you the details, haha)
– Declutter my life, one room at a time (There’s a plan for this, as well as a cleaning planner I’ll have available on amazon.)
– Spend more time with my family (weekly game nights and monthly family outings)

All of those goals will bring me better health, more self-confidence, and a happier more stress free way of living. And I have a plan to bring each one of them to life.
What are your goals for the new year?