He Wears my Face pt 4

Philip noticed Jordan’s change in mood when they sat down for lunch.

“What’s up, man?” He opened his lunch bag and unloaded the contents onto the table. “You’ve been extra quiet today.”

Jordan shrugged. He didn’t think he could explain any of this to Philip. And even if he did, there wasn’t even a slight chance he would believe him.

“Tired, I guess.” The same excuse he’d given his mom.

But even as he’d said it, he’d felt an urge to tell Philip he was a nosy prick and shouldn’t ask dumb questions. Jordan had never been mad at Philip. And even when they’d had mild disagreements, he would never call him names like that. His thoughts immediately went to the Shadow Stealer again, making him act out. And that would have fallen into that category.

But he still wasn’t prepared to think the Shadow Stealer was real. There had to be a better explanation.

Philip didn’t press the issue. But Jordan almost wished he would have. He would have liked to not be alone in this.