I’m Glad My Mom Died

So, I read a lot of nonfiction in February and this one had to be my favorite read of the entire month. I put it on my holds list at the library right after it came out and had such a long wait time. I considered buying it a few times, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted a hard copy or not since the hardcover is so expensive. (My budget has made me be pretty selective about the books I buy lately) and so I waited for the hold to be up. I listened to it on audio, since I knew she was narrating it herself and I feel like that is truly the best way to experience memoirs.

I watched a lot of ICarly when I was younger and I enjoyed the show. I also watched a little bit of Sam and Cat, but I was older by then and didn’t watch as much TV. So, I was interested to see what she had to say since I’d connected with her character. But I find that I really like this genre of books – the ‘tell all’ kind of celebrity memoir. And after reading this one, my heart goes out for her.

She really went on a crazy life journey and through so much emotional trauma. I’m sure writing this book was very therapeutic for her and i’m glad she’s been able to move past the negative experiences. I really wish her all the best in her future endeavors and I hope she can find herself amidst all of it and pursue dreams for herself and not for someone else.

A great and emotional read. She really tells it how it is with no sugar coating. Even describing it as it happened when she was a child, she put it right out there and only later expressed how dramatic it really was. It was very clear cut, the beginnings of her eating disorder, but she didn’t see it as that at first. And I feel like writing it that way can be eye-opening for people who might be in denial of their situation.

If you’ve read this book, I would love to hear what you thought of it.