July Book Thoughts

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Nine books this month. Would have been more, but I went on vacation and hurt my foot so I didn’t have as much time as I usually did to read. But all progress is good progress. I’m continuing to do better at reading across different formats so I’m happy with that. So, let’s get into the books.

The Spite House by Johnny Compton
A good, creepy story and a new idea for a haunted house. There were a lot of secrets kept until the end which added to the intrigue and the tension. When everything all came out, I was shocked. I was only able to guess at a few of the details along the way. So the reveal was amazing.
I loved the characters. They were so vibrant and full of life – even the ghosts.
Enjoyed this one a lot.

Sign Here by Claudia Lux
What an entertaining book. Even though it’s horror, there were so many other things going on and I loved it. I really went through a roller coaster of emotions.
The premise of what hell is was so fascinating. The characters were great. I couldn’t get enough of their banter and interactions.
The big reveal was a gut punch. And a fantastic end to the story before everything else was wrapped up.
Will read again.

Wise Gals by Nathalie Holt
I think I’ve found a favorite nonfiction niche – women making an impact on history.
This book was very well-researched and told in a way that was never boring or textbook sounding. The different women had fascinating lives and were very impressive individuals.
The struggles they faced for being women were frustrating to hear and I’m glad they could make things a little better, one inch at a time.
An enlightening read.

Fantastic Characters by P.S. Hoffman
A very creative and inspiring book on character creation. There were several tips I’m excited to try and apply to my own process. A great resource to have on hand.

Garron Park by Nordika Night
This book has several great things going for it – there were amazing characters and dynamic relationships. There were relatable conflicts and tensions. And the enemies to lovers trope played out perfectly. The storyline pulled through to the end and I really enjoyed this book.
My only complaint is towards the end when they’re trying to work through their feelings, the inner dialogue got a little repetitive.
But a great story.

How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix
I have mixed feelings about this one.
The good – creepy as all get out. Dolls and puppets? No thank you. The terror of the characters is so real. And the fear that clutched at my heart once her daughter was involved, oh man. The characters themselves – while not very likable – were very well-written and popped off the page.
The bad – the middle dragged and I almost didn’t finish it. Had to read a few reviews talking about the amazing ending to pull me through. And I wish we found out a little more details about what happened to her parents before the accident.
A great creepy read.

Jawbone by Monica Ojeda
An incredibly disturbing book. Very gruesome imagery and incredibly vivid descriptions throughout. The characters were intriguing and downright grotesque at times. Overall, does a great job as a creepy tale.
However, the non-linear timeline made it confusing and hard to follow. And the ending was a little of a let down since we don’t actually find out what happens to any of the girls. But I do have to say, I liked it as an experience.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice
This was definitely erotica, haha. In her introduction she says she wanted to write a book that was ‘hot’ on every page, and she sure did that. The spiciness the whole way through didn’t disappoint. The plot line was also interesting enough to keep me reading. And I do appreciate that she didn’t use cheesy or flowery language – very straightforward.
Interesting read to say the least.

The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novak
A fantastic final book to the Scholomance trilogy. There was fantastic world building and so many fine details that explained everything from the other two books.
I loved the character relationships and the stressful dynamic of each one. El had to work through so many emotions and did a lot of growing up. This was an amazing book and I’m going to find more from this author.

So, that wraps up my reading for July. Check back next week for my deep dive into my favorite book of the month, Sign Here.