Quarry Girls

I picked this book as one of my free prime reads over a year ago. It sat in my kindle for several months before I opened it. It’s easy to dismiss these two facts. People download a lot of books at a time and don’t get to actually reading them right away. It happens.
But the fact that I read the first two or three chapters and then didn’t finish the book for MONTHS is inexcusable.

And I don’t know why I didn’t keep reading either. Because those first three chapters kept coming back to me. It wasn’t like the beginning wasn’t interesting or had no hook. There was a hook, and atmosphere, and vivid characters and I should have wanted to keep reading. But I’d be doing random other tasks and think about the book with the weird underground tunnels between the houses and the kidnapped girl. So, I’m lead to believe that I had to wait for the right time to finish reading, and my brain knew exactly when that was.

Because let me tell you… as soon as I picked it back up again I couldn’t read fast enough.

There were so many mysterious threads. And even when I thought I had it figured out, even a little bit, I was wrong. Each page delivered a new secret, another little piece of the darkness. And when it all hit the fan, you see the beautiful happy, small town peace we were lead to believe was all a lie.

The character growth at the end was amazing and I could not have predicted that ending. I would gush more about how wonderfully crafted this book was, but I don’t want to accidentally give away any spoilers. But I definitely recommend everyone go and read it.