Reclaim Your Author Career

This was my favorite read of May. It was a really tough decision this month because I read so many great books. But ultimately it had to be this one for all that is has given me to think about.

First, I love Claire’s voice. She’s funny and sarcastic and really tells it how it is. And she doesn’t hold any of that back in her book. Even with the ugly truths, she didn’t pull her punches.

Then there’s the personality type information baked in that I thrive on. I love finding out more about my own brain and what makes me tick in a way that I can use to my advantage. I’m always trying to be more efficient and find better ways to achieve my goals, and this book is definitely going to help with that.

And on top of all that, she explains how we can use all of this to make our books better. We can use the enneagram to give more life to our characters and do a better job of showing intentions. With these tips, the characters will be more believable and act more realistic.

I’m excited to read through this for a second time and really take the time to work on it. If you enjoy personality research and/or writing, this book is one you should pick up.