Retail life episode 1

I’m going to tell you about the first time a lady thought she got me fired.

I’ve worked for the same company for seven and a half years, and a lot has changed in our stores in that time. Six years ago, storage totes weren’t a regular item, we only got them in as feature displays once in awhile. So on this particular day, we had a large blue tote stack priced as $12.50 that we’d had in the store for a few months. On that week’s truck, we received similar totes that were pink but they were priced at $13. They were not the same item number, the price of the blue ones did not change, but they looked identical aside from the color.

Customer A asks me why they are different prices if they’re the same thing. I explain to her that we have had the blue ones for quite some time and the pink ones had just arrived. I tell her how sometimes prices of items go up or down and it’s not something in our control.

She tells me “No, prices do not do that!”

Blank stare. Gas prices. Blank stare. Coffee. Blank stare. Milk. Blank stare. Eggs.

Sure, prices don’t change.

She wants me to change the price of the pink totes to $12.50 because it’s not fair that the blue ones are cheaper. She doesn’t want the blue ones, she wants the pink ones. I tell her I’m not allowed to do that (I was only an assistant manager at the time, it literally was not up to me to change prices like that) because there was nothing wrong with the pink totes.

She yells some more about how I’m rude (of course) and the customer is always right (eye roll) and I need to give her my bosses number (sure) and she is never shopping here again (bye).

My boss calls a short time later to tell me to just display the two different toes in different parts of the store so it doesn’t happen again.

The best part though, is when the manager from the store down the street calls me to ask what happened. Customer A apparently went down to her store and was running her mouth about how she “got that red haired bitch fired!”

I tell her the story, she laughs, I laugh, we have a good chat and then get back to work.

About a week later Customer A comes back in my store and I smile, wave and say hello. She turns around and leaves.

Have a nice day!