Get Caught Stealing To go along with Thursday's post, here's some ridiculousness for your viewing pleasure.


Retail Life Episode #16

                Some people have a lot of nerve. They think they can get away with anything. They have probably gotten away with a lot of stuff when no one was paying attention. They get gutsy. They get brave. They get stupid. They get caught.                 Example number one; Older man walks into the store. I’m [...]

Retail Life Episode 14

                Sometimes I just don’t know how people rationalize their behavior. I thought we were supposed to stop throwing tantrums when we were children. And yet, working in retail, I’ve seen grown adults throw a fit. I’ve seen senior citizens basically stomp their feet because they didn’t get their way. I just don’t get it. [...]

Retail Life Episode 13

                I went back to work last week and it’s been rough. I really took for granted how accustomed to it I was. After being at home for ten weeks and spending most of that time sitting on the couch or at my desk, going back to standing and walking all day was hard. Aside [...]

Retail Life Episode 11

Bodily Functions                 Everyone poops. We all know this, even if we don’t like to think about it. Sometimes the need hits you in public. Sometimes the need strikes you…when you’re walking down an aisle of a store. And sometimes…you can’t wait another second.                 One day I was in my office doing paperwork. My [...]

Retail Life Episode 10

        People                 Why is it that people tend to think that the person behind the register is there to just be a verbal punching bag? What makes them think it’s okay to just say whatever they want? No matter how hurtful or rude? Did I miss the memo declaring us not real people? I [...]