Scattered Muse

My Muse is a Little Scattered

I mentioned last week that I’ll be pausing on the demon book I started in January. But with that, I have to decide on what to write instead. And I have a few different ideas pinging around in my brain and I would love to know which one you’d be most interested in writing. 

A) This idea is pulled from real life events that have happened around my town, main details I have are from newspaper articles. 
An old man doctor and his wife adopt two children from another country. Girl child was born with something wrong with her vocal chords, so she can’t speak. Fast forward – older boy child is an adult and girl is in high school. Boy child dies under mysterious circumstances – no cause of death determined and no one can say when he actually died because of how long it took for someone to find him in his apartment. A year later, a house fire kills girl child – but the man and his wife are able to get out of the house just fine. 
Lots of mysterious threads I could pull here. I have several ideas on what all this could mean and what could have really happened. This would be mystery/thriller. 

B) This was sparked by a tiktok with a fortune teller helping a woman find her missing son, but the “son” was sitting right next to her. This seemed like a fun idea to run with – fortune teller getting by with general requests and readings. Nothing too serious, but then gets roped into helping find a missing boy. Could be a series, the fortune teller helping the police with cold cases and whatnot, gradually being more accepted by the police force. 

C) This random idea came from a dream. I have the least amount of details on this one but basically there’s something evil living in a forest. A train cuts through the forest to get from one town to the other, it’s the main form of transportation for people in this little town. And something about the train randomly stopping in the middle of the trees and the evil thing following people home. 

What do you think? I’d love to know which one grabbed your interest the most. 

Witch Book 3 Intro

If you haven’t read books 1 and 2 – proceed with caution. SPOILERS ahead 

Here is the intro to Book 3 in my Empire City Witches series. Keep in mind, this is still in editing, so there may be some errors. 

Danica paced Shay’s small apartment and chewed on a hangnail in an uncharacteristically open display of anxiety. She read and re-read the list of supplies and double-checked them against the stuff she’d crammed into her bag.

Shay emerged from the kitchen with two cups of coffee. She paused in the doorway to watch Danica for a moment, and then blew a large bubble with her gum. The crack when it popped filled the room with sound and Danica jumped.

“You good?” Shay asked and passed her one cup.

Danica nodded. “Perfect.” Her eyes were red and puffy from the stupid crying she’d been doing, but she held it together now for the final moment. Jaylon and now Conner had been taken from her and she was ready to get her revenge. She tapped the knife strapped to her belt and pictured slitting Nadine’s throat with it.

“Do we have everything?” Shay shifted her gaze to the bags on her couch. Anything to stop staring into those endless pits of rage on Danica’s face. She was amped as the next person to cause some mayhem, but Danica’s determination scared her a little bit.

“I think so. Yes. It’s time to go.” Danica checked the clock on the wall. “We have thirty minutes to get to the clearing and we need to get set up. We have to start the ritual right as the clock strikes three am.”

“Sure.” Shay swigged her coffee. “But we can just portal, right? We have plenty of power stored.”

“Right.” Danica drank from her cup, gulping until the coffee was gone. She set it down on a side table and picked up the heavier bag. “Let’s get going.”

Shay sighed, downed her own coffee, and grabbed the second bag. “I like to enjoy my coffee, thank you very much.”

Danica rolled her eyes. “There will be time to enjoy your coffee later. Once you’re filled with the power this book contains, you’ll be able to take all the time you want. And no one will dare bother you.”

Shay smirked. “That sounds pretty good, actually.”

Danica took her hand and opened the portal in front of them. “I thought you’d like that.”

And then they stepped through the portal to the forest clearing they’d picked for the ritual.