Secret Valentine

Chris wasn’t sure what to make of it. The bear and heart-shaped box of chocolates were self-explanatory. But the card threw him off.

Why don’t you have the guts to text me? I know you have my number.

Chris had lots of girls’ numbers. It was one of his points of pride in his single journey. He had options. And he wasn’t in any rush to settle down. But who was this girl?

He unlocked the door to his house and carried the valentine gifts inside to show his roommate.

Shawn opened the box of chocolates at once and hovered his fingers over the variety of sweets.

“I wouldn’t eat those,” Chris said. He kept reading over the letter. “They might be poisoned.”

Don’t be shy. I’m not afraid of you. If you’re not afraid, take me out. I’ll be waiting for your message.

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