Senses Exercise #4

         Today we’re taking another trip through the Senses Thesaurus and working on descriptions. I thought I’d try something different this time though, and just describe Christmas day and make sure I include all five senses. And I’m going to try my best to use the best words I can to invoke the right feelings and sensations. Because that’s what this exercise is all about. I want to put the reader into the scene authentically in my books, and this is the only way I know I can get better at it. So, Merry Christmas, everyone.


         The tree was aglow with the blue and white lights. They twinkled in the dark living room. A shimmer off the garland catches the eye and draws attention to the luminescent star atop the tree. A candle is lit on the table and fills the room with a rich pine scent.  Bold and vibrantly wrapped presents are stacked on the floor, and the look of awe on the children’s faces makes every penny spent worth the effort. The stockings are brimming with trinkets and sweet candy.   

         Big brother breaks the stillness and rips into his first present. The crackle of the paper stirs the energy of the room. Little brother giggles and joins in the frenzy. A boisterous energy erupts and paper and cardboard fly around in the urgency to see all the gifts. Mom and dad enjoy the view from the couch and listen to the children’s merry melody.

         The coffee in Mom’s cup steams and warms her smiling face. A silky blanket covers her legs and Dad relaxes in his place next to her on the soft couch. After all the presents have been opened, the kids join them, and they cuddle. The joy in the room is tangible.

         They devour breakfast. Sweet pancakes for the children and zesty burritos for mom and dad. Creamy devilled eggs are prepared with lunch and the kids indulge on minty candy canes from their stockings. Everyone gobbles down the flavorful turkey with the family at dinner and chocolate pie tops off the evening. Bubbly cider is served all around. The sugary smell of vanilla and cinnamon are thick in the room from the baking cookies and pies.


         How did I do? I know it doesn’t quite tell a complete story, but the general idea is there and could be fleshed out if it were part of an actual book. I wanted to cover all the bases for the senses though, and I feel pretty good about that. Browsing my book of senses words is always enlightening and I feel like a better writer after each one of these exercises.

Happy New Year!

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