• Senses Exercise 5

    **When we are intensely using one of our senses, we sometimes block out the other sense, for example, closing our eyes when we experience an intense sound, taste, smell, or touch.**          At first, she’d thought the blindfold being tugged over her eyes had been a prank. Justin was always doing stuff like that and […]

  • Senses Exercise #4

             Today we’re taking another trip through the Senses Thesaurus and working on descriptions. I thought I’d try something different this time though, and just describe Christmas day and make sure I include all five senses. And I’m going to try my best to use the best words I can to invoke the right feelings […]

  • Senses Exercise 3

             Aaand we’re back with the description exercises. As I work through my next book(s) I know I’m making more of a conscious effort to bring the setting to life. I even have a post-it note next to my editing pages that just says, “see, taste, smell, hear, feel” as a little reminder checklist to […]

  • Senses Exercise Number 2

             In my current writing project I’ve been making a conscious effort to describe the setting, and I think I’ve been doing a much better job already just by putting it at the front of my mind. So, to keep that momentum going, I’m taking another shot at a writing exercise from the Thesaurus of […]

  • Description Writing

    I’ve decided I need to try to expand on my description abilities. I feel like its something I leave out too often because I see it in my head, and I forget that other people can’t see it too. I don’t remember the last time I described how a character looked in a first or […]