reading goals

April Reads

Another successful month of reading under my belt. I read five books and marked another off my reading list. Two were physical books, but I’m coming to love audiobooks more and more. Especially because this month I finally got a… Read More »April Reads

February Reading

         Another month of reading wins down. I read five books again, and even though it’s too early to tell, I feel like this is setting a great trend of my reading for the entire year. If I can keep… Read More »February Reading

January Reads

            First month of reading down and I’m out of the gates at a sprint. Hopefully, I can keep up this momentum. I read five books and one was on my reading list for the year. I physically read two… Read More »January Reads

December Reads

         I don’t know about you guys, but I finished 2020 with a bang. I read five books in December, exceeded my goal of reading fifty books for the year, and checked off the last few books on my reading… Read More »December Reads

October Reads

         Cheers to another successful reading month. Five books this time around and two were off my reading list. I only have to read four more books to reach my goal of fifty for the year (and that’ll be a… Read More »October Reads

Personal Update

I’ve been having trouble deciding what to write about this week. I’ve focused most of my energy and creativity on my work in progress lately and didn’t want to distract myself with a writing prompt. I’m so close to the… Read More »Personal Update