The Block Party Deep Dive

A domestic thriller with secrets, backstabbing, rivalries, and murder. What more could someone want from a book? And nothing is ever revealed too soon, so the shock and drama is real.

What really drew me into this book was the setup – we’re placed right into the big moment for just a few pages to see how the characters are interacting with each other. But then there’s a social media thread discussing what happened. And this is how we find out there’s a murder. But then we’re taken back one year earlier to see how it all began.

We meet all the characters and figure out how they fit in each other’s lives. The relationships are very real. I love Alex and her sister, it reminds me of me and my sister and how we would act with each other. And Lettie is such a true rebellious teen, I could almost feel her angst. The interactions with others in the neighborhood were very “small town suburbia” and reminded me of Gilmore Girls – but with more deception.

As the book drew to a close, you learn more of the dark secrets surrounding the characters and you can make your own assumptions about what’s really going on. You might even try to guess who gets murdered and who does the murdering. But I’ll just go ahead and admit that I never came close to guessing the ending until it slapped me in the face.

A very enjoyable book about lies and deception. Oh, and revenge. I’ll need to revisit this book again to see if I can pick up on the clues now that I know the ending. But I hope you might pick it up and give it a try. And let me know what you think.