The Only One Left Deep Dive

This book was my favorite read of January. Riley Sager is a fantastic weaver of words. I’ll never get tired of reading their work.

I went into this one blind – as I usually do – and had no idea what I was expecting. And that mood continued throughout almost the entire book. I wasn’t sure if we were looking for a ghost or a demon or something else. I was on the edge of my seat until the very end.

The characters in this book were phenomenal. Kit was such a relatable person with the way she ended up in her career with no real memory of it being what she wanted out of life. But she wasn’t one to turn away from a good thing. Even when it wasn’t so good, it paid her bills. And the women in the house at Hope’s End *chef’s kiss*.

The entire atmosphere of this book had me hooked. I couldn’t ever stand to be in a crooked mansion that’s slowly crumbling into the ocean. The descriptions were enough to make me seasick. And all the secrets and suspicions around the house were fantastically written.

But of course, the gold star of this book goes to the twists. I never once had a grasp of what was happening or what was going to happen. I can’t go into detail because I would never want to spoil it for someone else. But my jaw was on the floor. Amazing.

I don’t usually wish for books to become movies – but this one would be amazing, I just know it.