When Women Were Dragons – Deep Dive

There was so much to love about this book. I know I’m going to read it over and over to really take in all the greatness it had to offer.

We’ll start with the flow of the story. The narrative wove in and out of the present with flashbacks to early childhood and excerpts from professional journals and articles about the dragons. It was perfect, in my opinion. The reader receives just as much information as they need at any given moment. And we end up in a position where we know more than Alex does in her place in the story and we can see where it’s going. But the anticipation of seeing how Alex will react when it happens drove me on to keep reading.

My next favorite part mostly comes down to me not reading much into a book before I pick it up. All I knew was what the title tells you. So, when i realized the story was more alternate history and not modern day, I loved it even more. Something about this subgenre really hooks me in.

And then the absolute gem of a main character. Alex is a wonderful child and grows into a very intelligent young woman. She takes on so much responsibility and just finds a way to make it work. Her only downfall is her hard-headedness. If only she would have looked up at the skies a little sooner, maybe everything would have been a little different.

This was a beautifully told book and I enjoyed the journey. I will definitely look for more from this author in the future because the writing just kept me enthralled the entire way through. Highly recommend.