Yours Truly

brown paper and black pen

Dearest Marianna,

It is with deep regret that I must write the following words. Your father has passed on. I was there when it happened, and I promise you there was nothing in my power I could do to prevent it. I would have gone in his place, if that were possible.

Your brother will return with your father’s material possessions. The military will be in touch regarding any compensation your family is to be owed.

Again, I apologize with my whole heart. And I hope to be released home soon so as to comfort you in any way I am able.

Yours truly,


Dear Lawrence,

Please tell me how it happened. My brother arrived home yesterday and won’t speak a word on the subject. My mother is worried he is in shock. He barely talks at all, really. And he’s always staring off into the distance, his face pale, and his skin clammy.

Please. I need to know. With as much detail as you can include. Spare me nothing. I’m strong. I can handle it.

I wish this war was over and you were home. Mother fears you won’t make it back safely. And honestly, I think she’s more about what that will mean for me than for you. Because without you here to marry me, I’ll have to go work as a maid or some other job to help her make ends meet. She can’t afford to care for me much longer. Not with father dead.

Again, please tell me everything. I await your next letter.