• Five Seconds of Shame

       We swarmed to the abandoned house that night, climbing in and out of the cars. It was too cold to stand outside, even with the fire going. It was our little hangout, tucked far off the road and surrounded by trees. The couches and fire pit were trash, but we used them like new. […]

  • When the Rains Came part 1

    “ And then the rains came. They came down from the hills and up from the sound. And it rained a sickness. And it rained a fear. And it rained an odor. And it rained a murder… Soaking. Spreading. Penetrating. And it rained an omen. And it rained a poison.” – Tom Robbins Annie was […]

  • Retail Life Episode 4

    Boundaries. People don’t seem to have those. I don’t know what is so confusing about “don’t touch me.” I am a human being; I am not here for your amusement. Example one: I’m ringing you up and you notice I have several piercings in my ear. Cool. Comment on it. I don’t care if your […]

  • Ghosts

    I crept down the staircase as the voices faded into the kitchen. A deep unfamiliar voice mingled with hers. She’d brought another man over. I listened hard, trying to determine if it was the same one from a few nights ago. Probably not. I knew well enough that she wanted the company, not the commitment. […]

  • The Local Music Scene

    I go to a lot of local shows in Dallas and Fort Worth. Mostly because I follow one band in particular (Navajo. you should check them out, I think they’re the best) but also because I really love live music and the atmosphere I get submerged in. Big concerts with huge crowds are fun too, […]