• Retail life #21

    Still surviving. Still dealing with people and their loveliness. Gets lovelier by the day.   This first story, let me preface by saying we aren’t supposed to chase shoplifters. Which I did not. However, I did follow him outside to get the license plate. I was behind the counter, filling out some paperwork and I notice a teenager […]

  • Retail = Stress

  • I Will Survive

    Empowering vibes song + tik tok dancers to be amused by Sorry not sorry 🙂

  • Tarot Card Prompt #1

    “Hey, Leah, you wanna come get a drink with us after work?” Beatrice asked from the other side of the kitchen.   “Um.” Leah focused on her task of wrapping the silverware for next shift and tried to think of a reason to say no. One that was different from what she usually told them. “I don’t think […]

  • Tarot Card Prompt

  • Toilet Paper Forts

  • Retail Life Episode 20

    Corona Edition Okay, I’ve had enough. I dread going to work each day with all this nonsense going on. Even if I wasn’t risking getting sick and spreading it to my kids. People are too much. I have zero patience at this point. Even boyfriend pointed out how grouchy I sounded just answering a question […]

  • Retail Shortages

  • Book Recs

    https://omny.fm/shows/sff-yeah/romeo-and-juliet-with-dragons I recently started listening to this podcast (and had to start at the beginning of course) and I swear I’ve added so many books to my to-be-read pile and I’m only a few episodes in. If you like science fiction or fantasy, I super recommend you check this out.

  • March Reads

    Ten (million) points to me this month. I read enough books, I read books, and I (finally) finished my first craft book of the year. Similarly, I was able to check one book off of my overall reading list. So yeah, go me.   Avoiding Fate by Angela White  This was the next installment of the Life after […]