A Dash of Structure

Maybe this week will be the week I actually do what I set out to do. Did some learning tasks last week and cleaned up my email inboxes because they’d gotten really out of hand. But that was pretty much all I finished. 

I did play with my schedule and figured out a layout for my days that keeps my work confined to select hours and this week I’m going to give it a shot. So far so good, I woke up early and exercised and did my journaling. I’m hoping it sets the tone for th rest of the week. 

I played with notion and trello last week. They seem like they might be helpful, but the setting them up to work for me seems a little daunting. I played with them a little yesterday, but I’m not sure I’m using them to their full potential and might keep messing around with them when I have free time.

Did a little bit of editing on the witch book last week. I need to really focus on it this week so I can move on to the rewrites. If I can stay on track for a few weeks, I’ll go set up the preorder for it and maybe see some interest from anyone who’s read the first two books. 

Did a little more reading last week and will start playing with outlining my new book/series this week. I’ve got a lot of ideas for the book topics and I need to spend some time on character building. I think that’s one of my weaknesses. I always have an idea for the story, or the monster, or the setting, but the characters are always last. And they are the most important part for the story. So I’ll be working on that alongside writing my nonfiction book on character building. Maybe that’s the angle I need to embrace, learning as I write. 

But I guess that’s all. Off to the day job for a few hours before I spend the afternoon working on admin tasks.